After-Dinner Thanksgiving Activities

A family sharing a Thanksgiving meal and enjoying themselves
When you have family and friends over for a Thanksgiving meal, the meal can take up a majority of the time, but the time often neglected is the hours after the meal where you’re sitting on the couch full from all the food you’ve consumed. In this week’s Brookwood Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of activities you can participate in after your Thanksgiving meal is over.  


When your belly is full, the last thing you’d want to do is move too much. While resting on the couch, or comfortable chair, you can turn on some holiday movies! Gather your friends and family to watch some feel good movies. Break out some extra pillows and blankets so your guests are comfortable. Don’t be surprised if one or more people fall asleep during the film!

Board Games

Clear the table of the food and break out the board games for a fun night! We suggest choosing a game that everyone would want to play or a game that’s easy to learn. Invite your guests to participate, but don’t force them if they’re unwilling. The goal is to have fun and bond as friends and family, so don’t force it! Some of our choices for board games are Qwirkle, Catan, and Codenames, but you’re free to play whatever you want!


When there’s a lot of food, it’s normal to end up consuming more than you should, especially when the food is delicious. If you’re too full to get up out of your seat, you can sit around the dinner table and continue the dinnertime conversation. Catch up with your friends, reminisce with your family, and enjoy their company!  

Do you have any activities you enjoy doing after dinner on Thanksgiving? Share it with our Tucson, AZ apartment community so we can try it out!

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