Halloween Decorations for Your Tucson Apartment

jack o'lantern with a glowing candle next to it

Since October is the month of Halloween celebrations, the stores are bound to be selling spooky decorations that will bring the spirit of the holiday into your Tucson, AZ apartment. In this week’s Brookwood Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on ways you can spruce up your home for the season!

Head in a Jar

Do you enjoy scary decorations? If you do, we suggest trying out this spooky head-in-a-jar decor! Whether you want to use an image of your own head or someone else’s, you’re going to need an image of the back, front and sides of the head. Using Photoshop, you can merge these images to create the perfect head in a jar image that you can laminate. Find a big enough jar and fill it with water, and then add some green and brown food dye to give it a murky, almost pickled color. Place on a shelf or even in a fridge for a guest to happen upon!

Door Decorations

Since you don’t have a lawn to put decorations on, your door is the first glimpse your guests will get of your home. There are a few options you can go with when decorating your door: you can mummify it or string some decorative spider webs across it to give it a creepy spider-infested look. Regardless of what you do to the door, be reminded that people still have to enter and exit, so don’t decorate it so much that it inhibits the door’s proper function.

Family Photo Replacements

If you’re a photoshop wizard, you can alter existing family photos to make them scarier! If not, look on the internet for scary portraits to replace your existing photos with. This may not be the most obvious or extravagant way of decorating, but it adds a level of spooky detail people with a keen eye will notice.

Do you have any favorite decorations for the Halloween season? Let us know about them by leaving a comment!


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