Host a Barbecue in Tucson this Month

Brookwood Blog, Tucson, AZ Apartments  Don't let the summer pass without throwing a barbecue! Try out some of our tips on hosting a successful barbecue this summer!

The longer days of summer here in Tucson, AZ are a great time to make use of the BBQ grills that we have available for residents of our Brookwood Apartments! In this week’s blog, we’ve got some tips for how to throw a successful barbecue and make full use of those grilling stations!



The star of the show, food is the most important part of a barbecue. Plan a menu that will incorporate many different types of foods, though it’s okay to have the main focus of your barbecue be the meat. Steaks, chicken wings, hot dogs, and burgers are all good choices when choosing food items.


Don’t forget to include side dishes, like salads, fruits, vegetables, and chips to round out the meal. Ease the burden from yourself for providing and paying for all the food and drink by asking the attendees to contribute, or by making the entire BBQ a potluck. If you intend to make it a potluck, be sure to communicate well with your guests and invite them sign up for dishes to bring via a Facebook Event, or a Google Sheet to keep things organized.


Keep it Simple

Save yourself the hassle of preparing elaborate dishes. As much as you long to try out that recipe you found on Pinterest, a barbecue gathering may not be the best time for that, especially if you know there are going to be kids there. You can’t go wrong with simplicity. Burgers and hot dogs are an American staple that most people are sure to love. If you choose to do something a little more complex, by all means do so, just keep in mind the extra work it will entail. But hey, it’s your event so do as you please!   


Be Prepared

Being prepared is important. The best way to ensure you have everything you will need is to create a checklist. In addition to the food, list necessary items like plates, utensils, napkins, and trash bags. As you are planning and following through on those plans, remember to keep your guests updated.


Barbecuing is a summertime tradition and we encourage our residents to make use of the amenities our community has to offer. Remember to be conscious of the other residents who will use the BBQ grills after you, so clean up well!


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