Host a Game Night at Brookwood

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Looking for a thing to do on an evening this week? Inviting your friends over for a game night can be a fun use of time. In this week’s Brookwood Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how you can host a better game night.


Make sure you have enough seating and table space for everyone you invite over. Some games require a lot of standing, some are in an open area, and some are required to be played at a table. Your guests will probably be sitting most of the night, so it’s important to make sure the seats are comfortable or, at the very least, to keep a few cushions and pillows around in case people want extra padding.

Snacks and Drinks

What’s a game night without snacks and drinks? Your guests won’t complain when they have food to snack on while they’re sitting around playing games. Since you may be playing games where you and your guests handle game pieces or cards, either pick some snacks that aren’t greasy or oily or keep napkins and hand sanitizer within reach.

If you wish to host a game night on a regular basis, it might be a drain on you financially to constantly be the one providing the snacks and drinks. So feel free to invite others to bring their favorites!


What’s a game night without games? Help your game night be successful by bringing some games that will involve the whole group. Different games can be engaging and fun for everyone. Try games like Mafia or Cranium. These engage the mind and the rely on observation or general knowledge while keeping a competitive edge. Choose games that you know everyone will enjoy that are easy to learn. Competitive games can be fun, but remember that too much competition can dampen the mood, especially for those who aren’t as competitive as others. Keep things light and it will be a success for everyone!

Do you have any tips on hosting game nights? Leave a comment for our Tucson, AZ apartment community letting us know of them!


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